A new year and a new…. oh not again!

How many emails or Facebook posts have you seen starting with ‘A New Year and a New (fill-in-the-blank’.

My question is – why wait? It’s February – we are already nearly half way through the first quarter of 2017 so the New Year has well and truly passed. What do you want to achieve?

I must admit – after a very indulgent Christmas / Birthday / New Year period I looked at myself in the mirror and am not that different to last January. What a wake up call.

Making the shifts I want to see in my life can’t wait for an ‘event’ such as a turn of the hour hand, a calendar date or a birthday. Change happens on a Tuesday morning when I turn up to that yoga class, gym or go for a walk; or a Friday night when I say no to that  extra piece of pizza or 4th glass of wine.

A big change I’ve made has been to do my yoga practice pretty much every morning this year. No, not every morning, but almost. (I even did a little video about it on my Facebook page.) And guess what? This morning, when doing downward dog my heals touched the floor!!! That has NEVER happened before and I’m ridiculously excited about it! There was another exercise I couldn’t do because it hurt my neck – but that’s the thing isn’t it. Looking after yourself is the key.

So why not give yourself permission to look after yourself as if you were your best friend. Does that sound weird? It shouldn’t, because who else can if you can’t? Who else is in your head (apart from that awful critic who criticises you all the time – mine has a VERY LOUD VOICE!).

I listened to a great webinar over the Christmas break with Elizabeth Rider and Grace Keohohou (I did my coaching course last year with Grace and she is, well, incredibly well-named.) They talked about how to combat that inner critic – and came up with finding your INNER CHAMPION. Isn’t that neat?

I have my Inner Champion. She is Amazonian – 188cms tall (or 6 foot 2 inches), because she needs to

artist’s impression of Boudicea

squash my inner critic down to size. She has short red hair in a pixie cut (because I would love to but it just doesn’t suit me). She is strong. She is untamed. She doesn’t take shit from anyone – including my inner critic. (Have you noticed that my Inner Champion has capitals, but my inner critic doesn’t? That’s no mistake either.)

She is my friend. My advocate. My defender. My supporter.

She has my back. She hasn’t told me her name yet – but that’s cool, she will. (In fact, now I look at her description, she is remarkably similar to Boudicea – the amazing Celt warrior queen who fought the Romans.)

Think about it. Could you find your Inner Champion? What is her name? How tall is she? What colour is her skin, her hair, her eyes? Find her – and you will find that part of yourself that is strong, vibrant, brave and courageous. Because the magic in life only happens outside that comfort zone – and if you need your Inner Champion to get you there like I do, then connect with her now.

Cheers, Meredith




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