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I travel the East Coast of Australia to present to community groups, businesses and private groups, on the wellbeing services below. And in some cases offer Skype or Zoom sessions too!

Laughter Yoga presentation

Discover the physical, mental and emotional benefits of using laughter at home and in business. Includes running a ‘taster’ Laughter Yoga session so you and your friends / colleagues understand how easy it is, and how much fun it can be!


Skin Care for Graceful Ageing presentation   

Learn the 7 simple steps you can follow to love your skin and age gracefully.
Includes a free chapter from my latest book The Busy Woman’s Guide to Inner Health and Outer Beauty AND the chance to use clinically proven skin care that actually feeds your skin’s cells (is not tested on animals and is free of chemical nasties). 

Or, if you want to just jump straight into nourishing your skin, click here to find out about my 6 week Skintastic program.


How to support your Immune System through Good Digestive Health presentation

  • Did you know that most of your immune system is based in your gut?
  • Did you know your digestion is called your second brain because of all the functions it performs?
  • Did you know your liver is not just their to filter your blood and alcohol, but it carries out over 500 different activities to help maintain your health and wellbeing?
Learn what your digestive system needs to perform at its optimum and the three easy things you can do to support what’s scientists call your second brain!



Enrich Your Energy 8 week Program

If you are a busy woman who is time poor and you want to make wellbeing changes in your life, then this is the program for you. Eight weeks of support to establish new patterns of behaviour that will change your life!

Click HERE for more information.

Executive De-stress – daily Laughter Yoga sessions

Early morning Laughter Yoga sessions to start your day with a laugh. Will put you in a great mental place to face what the day throws at you!

Pay by the session (just $50 for 5 days) or or save by booking an 8 week term ($350).

First term runs from Monday 13 February to Friday 7 April (not including public holidays).

Time: 6:30am Monday-Friday. Run via Skype.