Why Meredith?

There are many people who offer terrific services in this world. I believe I am one of them!

But there are some who, while they offer what sounds good, aren’t really qualified – either in word or deed.

So I want to share with you 3 reasons why you can trust me with your personal growth:

  1. Because I have really worked hard – and am still doing so – to ensure I am up to date with the latest thinking in the health and wellbeing field.
  2. Because I try this stuff myself. I don’t suggest or recommend anything I don’t do myself.
  3. Because I study. My qualifications. Not because I think a certificate or diploma, or even a degree is the be all and end all. But because I want you to see I have really worked to learn and education myself, because I want you to have confidence that I am who I say I am, that I am certified to do what I say I can do.

This may matter to you, or it may not. But it matters to me.

  • Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified by the Laughter Yoga University, India, 2016
  • Nutrition Advisor Certificate, Sanoviv Medical Institute, Baja California, 2015
  • Coaching Certificate, DWSA, Hawai’i, 2015
  • Business programs with five units run by Authentic Education, Sydney, 2015
  • Certificate IV, Small Business Management, TAFE Queensland, 2012
  • Master of Arts in Communication Management, University of Technology, Sydney, 2004
  • Graduate Diploma, Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney, 1999