About Meredith

  You’ll read a bit about me below – but first, WHY do I do what I do?

  I’ve worked in business for many years (decades really!) And what I realised is that working in business – regardless of whether you are an employer, employee, sole trader, entrepreneur – is that it can be tough. Dealing with conflict can be hard. Managing dissatisfied (especially hostile) customers can make you feel sick. Having a boss who micro-manages or doesn’t manage at all can have you feeling destabilised and lacking direction. It’s hard to stay motivated with constantly changing business processes, staff turnover and high absenteeism. Not having your voice acknowledged, your feelings taken into consideration or your contribution valued can find you feeling despondent. All of these issues, and more, can bring on bad stress, and stress-related illnesses are the number 1 killer in the Western world. 

  So I decided to help destress our nation! Here at LaughterWorx, my programs can help teams engage with each other, support team harmony, contribute to improved communication. And it’s not just businesses this works for. Volunteer and social groups can also benefit, so can conferences, events, even hens’ nights, weddings and other celebrations! Read on to see WHY I am the best person to speak to if you want your business, organisation or social event to be a place where people WANT to come and be connected – where people are connected to the joyous being they are inside. Because when that happens, your organisation’s productivity will go through the roof and your event will rock.

 Meredith Yardley, through her business LaughterWorx, partners with any sized business looking to improve their financial position and market reputation. She is a great believer that ‘laughter lines help grown the bottom line’. Using tailor-made programs, Meredith’s focus is to help businesses; non-profits; health practices; community, social and volunteer groups support their teams to improve their communication skills, team harmony and brain performance (creativity and mindfulness). To achieve this, Meredith draws on her extensive experience working for, and consulting to, some of the largest corporations in Australia in communication, change management, and media and public relations.

A key component is helping everyone in the business build their emotional resilience, or ‘enrich their energy’ in the face of continued business challenges. As well as reducing mental and physical stress, and negative attitudes and behaviours, her programs can help businesses cut sick leave, absenteeism and staff turnover. Meredith’s style is approachable, informal and humorous.

In 2011, after enduring a series of health issues, Meredith decided to change her lifestyle and left the corporate world. After taking a sabbatical, she resolved to combine her lifelong interest in health and wellbeing with her experience in communication and change to serve to a broader audience – those who wish to have better physical, mental and business health, both personally and professionally. After attending a life changing Laughter Yoga sessions in the US, she decided to make it a central component of the workplace wellbeing services she offers.

Meredith believes in the benefits of both formal and informal education and devotes herself to continuous learning. A snapshot of her qualifications to date include: Master of Arts, Communication Management from the University of Technology Sydney; a Graduate Diploma of Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney;  Nutrition Certificate from Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California and a Coaching Certificate from the DSWA in Hawai’i. And, of course, Meredith is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader from the Laughter Yoga International University in Mumbai, India.

As well as her academic achievements, Meredith has performed in community theatre in Australia and the UK. Meredith is also a Silver and Bronze medalist with Australian Toastmasters. She presents regularly to a variety of businesses, groups and organisations. Her first book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Inner Health and Outer Beauty, published in late 2016, has been well-received around the world.

Click here to email Meredith, or call her on (61) 434 076 183.