I Am A Corporate Refugee

When I was 16 I left school and worked in a curtain factory. I didn’t like school, it had ridiculous rules like having to wear hats and gloves (yes gloves!), so much of it didn’t make sense to me. And I wanted to earn my own money. I couldn’t wait to grow up and make my own decisions about my life. So I got a job in a small family business which I did for about a year.

manual typewriterThen my grandparents (who wisely saw there wasn’t much of a future for me where I was) asked if I’d like to go to a business college and learn clerical skills. I have always loved the new and exciting, and of course said ‘yes’. And I learned to type on one of these! Who remembers these old manual typewriters?

I also learned shorthand (which I didn’t keep doing – of course wish like crazy I could do it now), bookkeeping (which I never maintained), and other clerical activities.

My typing was fast (could have been more accurate), and jobs were easy to get back in the early 1980s, so I didn’t have much of a problem finding employment. And I am so glad I was given that opportunity of because keyboard skills are really needed now!

I did a number of clerical, typing, and secretarial roles until I got what was a dream job for me and a huge change of pace – working on a major newspaper. In fact, I was third generation on this newspaper. One of my grandmother’s brothers had worked there, then my mother and father met there (they were journalists), and then I worked there for eight years as the personal assistant to the Editor. It was a very exciting time and I loved most of it! No two days were alike, and I liked being at the centre of the news during really exciting (and sometimes tragic) events like the first and second Gulf Wars, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the Newcastle earthquake (NSW, Australia), and major sporting events.

One day one of the other secretaries popped into my office to tell me she’d been accepted at university to study by distance. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  She told me why she was doing it and a thought popped into my head “If she can do it, I can do it”.

So I applied to three universities and was accepted by all three, chose one, and started studying for my Bachelor of Arts.studying-learning-pile

This was a major change for me, and if I’d thought about it at any length I probably would have talked myself out of it. Luckily I didn’t because I became hooked on learning and discovered I was a pretty good student. University was nothing like school, it was real learning. Putting forward an opinion and backing up your thoughts. Researching. Critical thinking. Philosophy, Literature. My world just opened up.

All the time I was studying, I was working too, climbing that corporate ladder. I decided the career path I wanted was to be head of the Communication department of a major Australian corporate business. So I chose to do a Masters of Arts in Communication Management. That’s what all the hard work was for, right? To climb the corporate ladder? So I worked hard, got one job after another and made a small name for myself in the media, public relations and communication industry.

About 10 years ago I was offered, and accepted, a job I didn’t even know existed, by a global multinational corporation. I was hired for my communication skills in a space called ‘Change Management’. The idea was that I would go into a large corporate, with a number of other people who had complementary skills, and help the staff adopt, and adapt to, a new way of working. This was usually because a new technology was being rolled out and the way they did their jobs was going to change.

This was a huge change for me. I was in the big sandpit! Firstly, I had to learn a whole new business language. I needed to use tried and proven strategies and methodologies. And I needed to travel. In fact, as most people travel to work by train, bus, ferry or car, I mostly travelled by aeroplane. I’d fly out about 6am on a Monday, and return home on Friday evening. Sometimes these jobs would go on for months.

I was earning good money, flying around the country working for different corporate businesses, and working hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives. And I really enjoyed it.

Most of the time.

But then I really started to feel the social dislocation that comes from only being at home on weekends. I couldn’t sign up to a yoga class, or take on a hobby, because I didn’t know where I’d be from one week to another. So my life continued to be work, work and more work. I started to study again, thinking a Change Management diploma would be a smart idea.

I even moved house from one state to another in Australia for a particular role.

And this led me to another major change in my life. I met my beloved husband. This is us on our wedding day

our wedding day     wedding pix 105

We met in January 2010, and married in July 2010. And we realized that the life I was living as a single corporate woman was not congruent with marriage harmony. It’s hard to feel close to someone who spends over half their life away from you.

So I quit. Just like that. And I must admit, took a year off working because I was simply exhausted. I hadn’t realised how burnt out I was, not just the working and traveling, but I really didn’t look after myself very well during this time. At one stage I was so ill I nearly contracted pneumonia.

After a year of doing not much at all but enjoying myself, I decided I wanted to work for myself. No more making someone else rich, I wanted to reap the benefits of my hard work directly.

After a couple of false starts I discovered what my inner self had known all along – I am passionate about change – about supporting people to help them make it work for them. I followed the John De Martini method of discovering my other values and came to the conclusion that I could combine all the things I love into a business – change and growth, health, food, travel, inner peace and mindset.

And Enrich Your Energy was born.

I have worked hard to learn a bunch of new skills too (I never stop studying!) Some of my skills from my corporate days have come in handy in my new life, but some skills I have had to learn. And for many of these I have learned at the feet of an Australian master – Benjamin J Harvey. His business (with his business partner Cham), Authentic Education, has opened up my world, helped me to develop new skills, and capitalise on my existing skills to really be a change agent to help people who want to get the most out of their lives.

So because of my willingness to embrace change, I am now running my own business, I have a product partner who I trust completely (click here to discover how you can support your health as I do mine), and a beloved husband who is on his own road to being healthier.

I have learned a bunch of new stuff. I even have a Nutrition Certificate from Sanoviv Medical Institute, a Coaching Certificate in Heart-Centred Coaching from Direct Selling World Alliance. And I continue to learn and read and study.

And the best bit is,  I help other people embrace change in their lives too – to help them identify, and then achieve their own health and lifestyle goals.

So now you know my story.  If I can help you, please get in touch.

Me in August 2015
Me in August 2015
Us, 5 years married
My beloved and me, 5 years married

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