Laughter Exercises for Better Health

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We all know that laughter is good for us – it makes us feel lighter and we live in the present for just that time. Laughter Yoga (LY) is an exercise style that uses laughter to provide aerobic benefits. It can be done standing or sitting, so people can participate regardless of their mobility. The ‘Yoga’ part of LY refers to the breathing that is done with the laughter exercises.

The benefits of Laughter Yoga are for pretty much everyone, and I have listed them below. Just think ASPIRE.

And after ASPIRE, you can read about how LY helps

  • businesses become more profitable 
  • seniors overcome health issues and social isolation.

A = Aerobic. LY is an aerobic exercise that has tremendous benefits for all-over health. It is particularly good for heart health, as the mild stretching, clapping and other movement that is incorporated with the breathing brings a comprehensive exercise that is really quite sneaky because you don’t realise you are getting the benefits while you’re having so much fun!

S = Stress Management. LY is a terrific way to help manage stress, one of western society’s biggest threats to health. Science has proven that regular laughing for 10-15 minutes brings great health benefits including reduced blood pressure, greater blood oxygen levels, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. LY reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine and enhances positive emotions.

P = Performance. LY helps oxygenate your blood, using yogic breathing techniques. Your brain needs about 25 percent more oxygen than your other organs. So increased oxygen in your body means increased oxygen in your brain. This helps improve efficiency and performance, helps enable creative and innovative thinking, and just keeps your brain humming along all day

I = Immune System. Regular LY sessions can help you maintain good health by strengthening your immune system. By feeling stronger physically and emotionally, you are less likely to fall by ill with the regular cold or ‘flu doing the rounds.

R = Emotional Resilience. LY helps people learn to lighten up when facing life’s challenges. It helps people become more emotionally resilient. When regularly practicing LY, you keep upbeat and optimistic, even when life throws a curved ball at you.

E = Endorphins. Yes, those gorgeous little critters who scuttle around our system, helping us feel good and manage pain! When you laugh – even if the laughter is fake and/or for no reason, your brain will release endorphins which helps elevate your mood.


laughing woman-1138446__180Benefits for Businesses:

LY is great for team building in any business, group, team or social environment. As well as the benefits listed above, it helps build social cohesion through the very act of sharing laughter. LY helps build bonds and friendships that spread more widely than just the original LY group. Read on to discover more advantages for both you and your employees… just think PROFITS

P: Peak performance – laughter increases oxygen in the brain which helps with memory, and creative and innovative thinking – a must-have in today’s competitive business world

R: Resilience – helps improve your emotional resilience and coping mechanisms in the face of rapid, and often continued, change in business environments

O: Oxygen – regular laughter improves oxygen intake which benefits your lungs, brain and other organs

F: Feel Good! by releasing serotonin our feel good hormone, dopomine which is based in your brain’s pleasure centre and endorphins which are your natural painkiller

I: Immune System – regular laughter can boost your immune system, contributing to overall good health

T: Teamwork – improved teamwork, communication and motivation have been found in studies to be the result of regular laughter. Laughter is a great connector and people find it easier to work with people they are happy to spend time with.

S: Stress Buster – Laughter is a terrific stress buster by helping with relaxation and muscle tension release. It’s really just impossible to laugh and be stressed at the same time!


Benesenior woman-441414__180fits for Seniors: 

Social isolation, health issues and overwhelm from a changing environment are just a few of the issues Seniors can face. Read more to discover the difference Laughter Yoga can make to the Senior members of our community. 

How does Laughter Yoga help Seniors?

  • Helps improve social connection through eye contact and respectful physical connection
  • Improves mind power through increased oxygen cycling through the brain
  • Helps boost immune system and contributes to overall good health
  • Provides gentle aerobic exercise which supports heart health
  • Helps people develop resilience in the face of life’s challenges
  • Helps pain management through the release of endorphins
  • A great stress management tool, it’s very hard to be stressed and laugh!


Connect with me to discuss how Laughter Yoga could benefit you, your family, your friends, your business or your social club. Wherever there are people, there can be the benefits of Laughter Yoga!

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